What's the difference?

This weekend at Premium Pet's was a success in my book! We had lots of visitors and lots of questions about our food and products. For example, what makes the brands we offer different than other commercialized pet foods on the market? It's a very valid question and one I will do my best to answer. For this blog post I am going to focus on our six varieties of dry dog and cat foods and will elaborate on specific ingredients that make these highly recommended and above-average options for dry pet food. 

Above-Average Ratings

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We've carefully selected above-average dry products for your pets in an effort to meet your pets' special needs. With so many pet food options, we're very happy with the premium selection of our shop's dry dog and cat food to include:

Have you checked out dogfoodadvisor.com? I would recommend visiting the site to help you make a well informed decision about you future pet food purchases and to learn about the ingredients commonly used in these formulas as well as others on the market.

Dog Food Advisor has researched and screened thousands of dry recipes to find the best suggested products and have given our dry foods 4 and 5 star reviews. What else makes these six highly recommended recipes different than low-grade dry options? According to Dog Food Advisor, here are 7 reasons:

  1. No controversial chemical preservatives
  2. No anonymous meat ingredients
  3. No artificial coloring agents
  4. No generic animal fats
  5. Substantial amounts of meat-based protein
  6. Fat-to-protein ratio 75% or lower
  7. Modest carbohydrate content

Back to the basics

The pet foods at Premium Pets are most awarded and highly favored in specialty pet shops for their quality and mission; likewise, these diets have significantly higher biological value and fewer controversial ingredients than other multinational brands.

Have you read the ingredients label on the packaging of your pet food? You might be surprised...

Here are just a few controversial ingredients to be on the lookout, which may be causing harm and common allergens to your pets:

Soy, wheat, whole grain corn, corn gluten meal, poultry by-product meal, coloring, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols, animal digest and dried yeast, to name a few. 

 Because dry kibble is processed, there has to be a binding ingredient to hold everything together. That's where more starches/carbohydrates and various substitutes come in the picture. I'll keep this short... the starches and other additives used in our six varieties are free from wheat, corn and soy products--these are inexpensive cereal grains and lower in biological value for your pets. 

What we do have in our grain-free formulas include healthy plant-based protein substitutes such as lentils, peas, sweat potatoes, pinto beans, and chickpeas.  

High biological value and fewer controversial ingredients

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In sum, what we sell is more about your pet's performance than the profit, and our specialty lines couldn't agree more. In fact, Orijen, Acana, NutriSource and Fromm all recently pulled from Chewy.com because of their recent ownership change.

These family-owned and operated businesses believe in pets and people, rather than marketing tactics and profits; their commitment is to specialty pet shops and all pet lovers. 

You shouldn't have to guess what's in your pets' food or question the labeling or packaging. Unfortunately, that's all to common with commercialized pet foods.

With our brands, you'll see the manufacturers genuinely care about the quality of their foods, the ingredients, having world-class kitchens, and making research-driven food decisions for pet consumers.  

Commitment to work with specialty shops

As if that isn't enough reason to try our brands, why not to support a local business and nourish your pets for a lifetime!  #showlove #shoplocal #growjcmo

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