Let’s make a big difference in our pet’s health and pledge to start the new year adding fresh and natural foods so our pets live a vibrant lifestyle for years to come! 

 If you are on Facebook, I talk a lot about our raw/frozen line called Primal. This is a great dietary supplement or meal topper that will enhance meals with raw and fresh foods. You can see our latest video here.  

If you’re on the fence about adding more nutritional value to your pet’s diet and building a better bowl, keep reading this article!  

What I’ll be coving is why RAW’’?! And why do we say it’s species-appropriate!  


Here are 4 main points…let’s hammer them out!  

  • Obviously, our pets are carnivores, intended to eat meat; incorporating a raw diet closely mimics their natural eating habits in the wild
  • Carnivores thrive on meat because they are highly digestible…they’re getting organ meat, muscle meat, and bones! 
  • The raw recipes give our pets access to essential nutrients that they’re missing in an exclusively fed dry-kibble
  • Raw is going to support immune and digestive health!

Do you see why we say it’s species-appropriate? Their natural diet is rich in protein from animal sources. Of course, feeding kibble is easy and convenient. But what if I told you there are better dietary options that you can begin incorporating in their bowls… 

If your pet’s diet is full of grains, starches or legumes, it’s lacking nutritional value that comes from high-quality fresh and raw animal proteins.  

That’s why we say RAW is most biologically appropriate. 

So let’s touch on another hot topic. Is raw food safe? I hope these 5 key points will give you some reassurance.  

  • Our manufactures are responsibly sourced; they care about quality and sourcing practices
  • Meat from the Primal diets are sourced from ranches in the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe
  • They take out the work of grinding, chopping, measuring and mixing for you
  • It’s already a balanced meal
  • It’s antibiotic, hormone, and steroid free
  • These are all inspected under strict guidelines for safety and sanitation

Balance is Key

When feeding pets, remember you're feeding carnivores so choose fresh foods that give them access to the things they’re missing in their processed dry-kibble diets. Species appropriate fresh and frozen foods are key!  

Here is a quick breakdown of the Primal diets:                   

  • Meat: muscle meat, organs, and bone.
  • Produce: fibrous raw vegetables and fruit content. Stick to raw and whole fruits and veggies and avoid starchy grains, legumes, and potatoes. Avoid onions, garlic, grapes, and raisins as they are toxic to dogs.
  • Oils and healthy fats: raw animal fats, cold-pressed coconut oils and appropriately sourced and stored fish oils.

There’s no Need to Stress 

Adding fresh and raw food doesn’t have to be complicated! We can help you make mealtime more fun! If you have questions be sure to visit us at the shop! We have lots of ideas that you can use to incorporate raw food, bone broth, goat milk, and even whole food supplements into what you’re already feeding!