One year has flown by, but what a year it’s been!   




It’s no doubt been the fastest year of my life as well as the most rewarding. I can honestly say I’ve found my life’s work -- being a business owner.  

From the start of this journey, I have experienced true joy and excitement. Immediately after opening our doors, Jefferson City natives started showering me with local support! I still get asked daily how we are doing and if we are staying busy. It makes me feel beyond cared for by the community—you all really want to see small businesses like mine succeed.  

Your Facebook and Google reviews have been the cherry on top for our first year! I haven’t been that motivated and inspired in a long time in a professional setting. It’s good to be in a place where your hard work pays off and those efforts are recognized.  

When people take the time to write a nice review for the shop, I can’t help but think about how lucky I am to have helped these people and their pets! Thank you very much for your kind words. 

I can’t forget about all the friends and pet groups I’ve met this last year. People I never knew before, I now get to see on a regular basis and you all make it feel like we’ve known each other a lot longer. Being in business is special like that…it’s about relationships and community.  

Our frequent shoppers, in all honesty, could go anywhere else to get their pet’s food or treats, but they make it a point to shop small and local. To all, you who are reading this and shopping with Premium Pets, THANK YOU for allowing us to be your pet shop destination. We are blessed to be in Jefferson City.  

My goal is to bring people and pets together and create a meaningful difference in pet families. You will see me working relentlessly to provide proper pet nutrition and give you a superior shopping experience for many years to come! 



Recently, I made a pennant for our wall that says, “Healthy Pets, Happy People”. 



That truly has become a personal mantra for our business. When we are passionate about pets and pet wellness, we’re bettering their lives and our own!     



This past year I’ve quickly learned all the features and benefits of the foods we carry as well as all the toys, accessories and treats. I know it’s important to have high-quality products but more so, it’s about being able to find the best choice for your four-legged family members.     



I promise I will always do my best to educate myself and become more knowledgeable so I can be a trusted source of information for all my pet people!   


“It’s an honor to serve this community and support all the pet families that have a commitment to premium pet products and storefronts like ours! ”   


Thank you to our friends, family, the volunteers at People Helping Paws, the Jefferson City Animal Shelter, veterinarians for making referrals, obedience and modification trainers, local groomers, and all the other countless businesses who have partnered with Premium Pets in one way or another!   



I’ll close by saying, THANK YOU for your dedication to helping your pets live longer and healthier lives. It all starts when you walk through our doors and give Premium Pets a chance to be your neighborhood pet market.    


Here’s to many more years in Jefferson City! Thank you. We love you all!