We at Premium Pets stand behind our vendor partners after the recent FDA investigation. What we gathered from their statement is that DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) in dogs is a complex condition and no conclusion can be made about the underlying dietary causes of DCM at this time. I understand this has caused panic and concerning questions over what to feed our fur-family because of the speculative information reported.  

I’m here to help you make the best-educated decision for your pets because we take this matter seriously and do empathize with pet owners who may have experienced the hardship of DCM health-related issues. 

It's helpful in this case to give a frame of reference - according to the FDA, there have been 560 self-reported cases of potentially diet-related DCM since 2014, compared to a total of 77 million dogs in the United States. This is an occurrence of less than 0.0007% and 25% of those dogs are breeds that unfortunately are genetically prone to DCM regardless of what they eat.  

Meanwhile, weight gain, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease are growing epidemics for millions of dogs worldwide. Approximately 5 out of 10 dogs are overweight and 6 million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer this year.  

There are far greater health risks to your dogs than DCM, and feeding your dog a healthy and varied diet can help prevent these issues. 

While the FDA is not urging you to switch your pet’s food at this time, I’ve heard from many loyal customers that local vets are more insistent on grain-inclusive foods, even if your dog is not displaying DCM symptoms. 

Keep in mind, millions of dogs with allergies and other conditions require grain-free diets in place of traditional dog food to prevent serious health issues. I’ve personally seen the health benefits and instant relief from switching our dog’s diet to a grain-free meal. 

“Based on the information gathered as part of our investigation to date, our advice to pet owners remains consistent. The agency has not identified specific recommendations about diet changes for dogs who are not displaying DCM Symptoms” 


Despite the facts from the FDA investigation, many have implied without clear evidence that grain-free foods are the link to DCM. If you feel strongly about changing from a grain-free diet, we hope you’ll see what healthy options we keep in stock.  

There are many grain-in options with multiple fillers and even scary ingredients that we want you to avoid if possible. Be on the lookout for ingredients such as corn, wheat, and soy, to name a few.  

At Premium Pets you’ve probably heard me talk about rotational feeding and adding variety to your pet’s diet. Dog nutrition, just like human nutrition all depends on your personal dog’s health history.  

If you are open to exposing your dog and/or cat to more than one food during their lifetime, we believe he’s going to thrive and avoid health issues later in life. 

Help boost your pet’s bowl by mixing high-quality kibble, canned, raw, different proteins, and fresh foods! 


Thanks for taking the time to read this briefing on diet and heart health. If it’s provided any clarity on the debate that was my main goal and to inform you that we have several healthy options for grain-inclusive and grain-free diets.