Living Foods. Thriving Pets!

Why feed raw?

I get it, raw food...what's this about? I've never heard of feeding raw before, and kibble is so convenient. Why would I transition my pet to raw when he's fine on dry? 

I've been there too. We've totally been exposed and accustomed to feeding commercialized, dry pet food. But now our pets are needing more.

They've always survived off this food but have they thrived? Likely not.

Our pet's diet is the foundation of their health. So hear me out for just a sec! Canines and felines are mammals who eat MEAT; raw meat!

It's most biologically appropriate-species appropriate-and offers a complete balanced diet. 

If I haven't got you thinking, what about this

Does your pet have any of the common ailments:

  • hot spots
  • continual shedding
  • poor dental hygiene 
  • allergies
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • immune disorders
  • degenerative diseases

Now, what if I told you that naturally fresh, raw food diets enhance the immune system and combat many of these problems! 

We all want the best for our pets; otherwise we wouldn't have them in the first place.

Raw feeding is easy and can be introduced in a variety of ways. You can feed it as a whole diet, or supplement throughout the week and there are a variety of packaging to make feeding easy and safe. 

Remember, a little bit of raw goes a long way! And feeding some raw is better than no raw at all. 


At Premium Pets we carry Primal Pet Foods

Primal is manufactured in Northern California. Their products are tested for pathogenic bacteria and are USDA-inspected, human-grade and the produce is certified organic.

All Primal meat comes from farmers and ranchers in the United States and New Zealand. 

Primal is a complete and balanced diet to meet the specific needs of pets. Primal also has a complete line of raw meaty bones, as well as goats milk and bone broth. 

Have I got your attention? 

If you've just heard about raw food, I encourage you to visit Primal for more information or Google raw feeding. I know it can be overwhelming but you'll never hear someone who's transitioned to raw say they want to go back to dry feeding. 

The best thing you can do is educate yourself. 

I'm available at the shop to talk with you more in depth and together we can see what the best option is for your pet. 

Also, come to the shop and get a FREE sample of Primal raw food; no purchase necessary! We can talk about safe handling, serving tips, and transition. 

Brittany Schlup