Three Months In


Getting Started

When you have an "entrepreneurial" fever like I did, nothing can stop you from dreaming. My first task was to find a location that would attract shoppers. I initially thought about the Missouri Boulevard but that wasn't quite the atmosphere for which I was going. My vision was for a downtown space, something that was smaller in size, less commercial and more of a local vibe. I wanted my own personality represented in the building space; something upcoming and unique, yet offering a boutique impression for pet owners. I felt like we belonged more in a residential area, with neighborhoods nearby, local businesses and historic landmarks. Most of all, I felt the urgency to belong in a community that I believed had great potential for growth and future development in Jefferson City. And so it became that 700 E. McCarty Street would be the location where we'd set our roots

Demo Underway 

We signed the lease July 21st. Renovations began shortly after so we could reach our projected soft-opening date by mid-September. 

Construction was fairly easy, thanks to my husband and father-in-law.

We painted, replaced the carpet and started envisioning a layout of the shop. Mind you, my background is not in retail, interior design, or anything related to business, so this was a contemplating task! 

This was just the beginning and I couldn't have been more excited. At this point you don't really know what to expect...packages were arriving with new inventory (so much inventory!), shelving was being assembled, outside signage had to be installed, but finally, little-by-little, our space started to look like a shop. 

We were so proud to get to this moment. The moment when you take a step back and see how far you've come in one month! It's hard to believe almost. You become a different person when you're moved by a calling.

Suddenly you have faith, courage, strength and determination like never before. 

 Everyday I still open the door with the same sense of pride and ownership; happy we took the risk and stretched beyond what we ever thought we had the capacity to do. 

Do not wait; the time will never be right. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command....
— Napolean Hill

Warm welcomes

The last three months have been everything Brad and I hoped for in a new business. We've felt a warm welcome from the pet community and have had an overwhelming amount of praise with regard to being Jefferson City's only natural pet market and self-wash. 

We've also made many new friends and have worked with some of the cities finest businesses and entrepreneurs to get us on the right track. 

Already, I can tell there is a great love for local in this town and Premium Pets is lucky to be a part of such a supportive community

Add-on opportunity 

We want to be more than a place where you get your pet's food. I'm determined to get to know your name, sign you up with one of our frequent-buyer programs, learn about your pet's specific health needs, offer advice about complimentary products, provide in-store demonstrations, and give you free samples.

We're also planning seasonal/holiday photo shoots, basic obedience sessions, informational classes, breed-specific meet up days, and other charities to benefit local animal rescue groups!

Let's PAWTY JCMO! It's going to be a FUN year ahead for you and your pet-loving family! 

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Brittany Schlup