Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and we want to point out a few tips for supporting your pets dental hygiene. 

During this month, I recommend you call your veterinarian’s office and ask about dental cleanings. Several will offer discounts to promote teeth cleanings and routine dental checks. We visited with Southwest Animal Hospital for our dog, Rolle, and have a follow-up appointment next week for a tooth to be pulled that we otherwise wouldn’t have noticed needed attention. 

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If you’ve visited the vet’s office recently, and your pets are in the clear, there are several options in the shop for maintaining healthy teeth and gums and preventing future, costly expenses. 

We have many oral care solutions, all brushless products, that are easy to use on a daily routine. These dental care methods assist with bad breath, plaque and tarter control and are available in many forms such as water additives, drops, dental chews, powders and natural raw bones.

Giving your pets a chew or dental supplement with added oral care benefits is possibly the easiest way for you to help your pet's health and wellness. 

For more serious oral care remedies, like periodontal disease, gingivitis and inflamed gums, you should visit with your local veterinarian for recommendations. 

With the rise of dental issues, it’s important we don’t brush off our pet’s oral health.

Try our TropiClean Fresh Breath line, which is hand-crafted in Wentzille, MO and made with natural ingredients. The water additives are tasteless and odorless so your pet has all the benefits right in his water bowl. 

You could also go with a vegetarian treat like our popular Whimzees which contain ingredients that eliminate bad breath that comes from the pet’s stomach. The treats are uniquely shaped to ensure proper blood flow through the gums and allow teeth to grip and chew more easily. As a side note, you don’t always need chemicals to naturally clean your pet’s teeth.  


If regular brushing is a challenge for your fur family, we highly recommend PlaqueOff. This is a granulated powder, made from seaweed and human-grade ingredients, that you apply to the food daily. The natural compounds are activated by your pet’s saliva as he’s eating his food, which break down plaque forming bacteria. We apply this to our pet’s food and they don’t even notice it’s there.  

Maybe you’d rather not fuss with powders or water additives…we have an easy solution for that, too! Give the gift of a raw meaty bone. These work like dental floss and remove tarter by adding acid to their diets to help rid the body of any bad bacteria. 

Roughly 85% of pets develops some type of periodontal disease by the age of three which got me thinking... it’s time to take more control of my pet's dental health. This year I’m pledging to provide them with appropriate dental care supplements on a regular basis and take a proactive role in keeping them healthy. 

Mention this blog post for a free dental treat through February! 

Mention this coupon for a FREE DENTAL TREAT!

Mention this coupon for a FREE DENTAL TREAT!

Prevention is our best friend. Join our efforts and let’s pay attention to our pet’s oral care.
— Brittany Schlup
Brittany Schlup