Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos never take a break from annoying your furry friends. It’s up to you to choose the best products for your pet to help prevent them from becoming one of those pesky insects’ victims!  

But have you ever really paid attention to the label on the back of a popular flea and tick brand?  

If you answered yes, then you’ve probably seen the warning signs of these dangerous and toxic products.  


“Keep out of reach of children.”  

“Hazardous to humans.”  

“Harmful to swallow.”  

If these popular brands are so “hazardous” and “harmful” to humans, why would we want to let our furry friends use them?  

"Nowadays, pet owners are saying goodbye to toxic insect repellents and are welcoming the new, all-natural trend into their households," says store owner, Brittany Schlup.  

 Keep reading to check out why!   


5 Ways Pet Owners are Preventing Fleas and Ticks




  1. Bathe your pet regularly with a natural flea, tick and mosquito shampoo to repel and kill on contact. 
  2. Be sure to brush or comb their fur out consistently and use flea combs to remove fleas gently.
  3. Wash your pet’s bedding regularly or spray with a natural flea and tick spray like TropiClean’s home spray treatments.
  4. Vacuum your household so no insects can hide out and snag onto your pet’s fur. We carry TropiClean flea and tick carpet powder that kills and repels by contact, guaranteed. Plus it’s safe around children and pets.
  5. Buy ALL NATURAL repellents and alternatives like herbal flea and tick collars, tick spot-on and herbal flea powder for pets from Earth Animal.

Do I need to use the products year-round?

Yes, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are much more active in the summer and early fall, but does that mean they just so happen to disappear when winter comes along, NO!  

Pesky, little insects, like fleas and mosquitos, can live in temperatures as low as 33 degrees for up to 5 days!  

That’s definitely a long enough time span for them to grab onto your pet’s fur and make their way into your warm, cozy living room where they can lounge with your pet.  


Ticks will often come out of hiding when the temperature hits 40 degrees! So when you're letting your pup out to potty during those warmer winter days in January, February, or March, just know that they could possibly be getting exposed to ticks, which will happily latch onto their fur.  

With fall quickly approaching, it’s recommended to continue giving your pet their natural flea and tick repellent!  

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos never take a break from pestering your pets, it’s important to keep them safe year-round!  

What Brand to Buy?  

Why are pet parents choosing to buy natural flea and tick repellent over popular FDA brands?  

Check out our comparison below to see some major differences in the two categories!  

Natural Flea and Tick Products  


  • No harsh chemicals or pesticides contained in the products.
  • Not harmful to adults, children, or other family pets.
  • Prevents insects from biting your pets beforehand.



Popular FDA Brand  


  • Known to cause SERIOUS health problems in pets (skin irritation, seizures, fevers, vomiting, weight loss, or even death).
  • It can expose children to hazardous chemicals.
  • Harmful pesticides can stay in your pet’s bloodstream for up to 12 months.

Don't Break Your Wallet  

If you choose to go the all-natural way, you’ll be able to protect your pet and save a little cash along the way! 

Take a look at these price differences when you compare the Earth Animal Herbal Flea and Tick Repellent with a popular FDA brand.  


For 3 months of the natural flea and tick product, you’ll pay just $15!  

If you were to go and buy a popular FDA flea and tick repellent brand, you would be spending $60 for 3 months of the product! If you were to do the math, you would find out that that is a very big difference.  

Go the safer and CHEAPER route, and choose the all natural brand!

Flea Treatment Gone Wrong  

I was recently scrolling through Facebook the other day and I stumbled across a story about a family pet who had been given a popular, chemical-filled flea and tick pesticide.  

A couple of days after receiving the medicine, the poor black lab began showing signs of some of the symptoms listed in the chart above; fevers as high as 104 degrees and weight loss, just to name a few.  

This poor pup’s blood work was all over the place, with different surgeons and surgeries trying to find the target of the situation, there was no luck.  

After these pet parents spent around $20,000 trying to figure out the problem, the pup’s spleen was removed, and her symptoms seemed to disappear, for now.  

This story was shared to make it aware to other pet parents that this could happen to you and your friend if you choose to give your pet these harmful pesticides.    

Here at Premium Pets, we offer the natural flea and tick brands, Earth Animal, by Dr. Bob Goldstein, and TropiClean; and trust us, it does wonders for our furry friends!  

This herbal flea and tick repellent is available in a variety of different forms and there is sure to be one that will attend to your pet’s needs.  


Earth Animal works to keep fleas, ticks, and mosquitos off of your pet’s fur, without using all of the harsh chemicals and pesticides!   

This natural blend of scented herbs and soothing essential oils puts off a fresh, minty fragrance that protects your pet’s skin from getting bitten by insects.  

The blend of natural herbs, minerals, and vitamins changes the odor of your pet’s blood. The smell is hated by fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, lucky for you and your companion!  

You can purchase this product as:  


  • Flea and Tick Herbal Defense Collar
  • Flea and Tick Herbal Spot-On Treatment
  • Flea and Tick Herbal Spray
  • Flea and Tick Herbal Drops
  • Flea and Tick Herbal Internal Powder

cat and dog .jpg  

To keep your furry friends safe during this flea and tick season, say goodbye to chemical-filled pesticides and hello to natural repellents!  

We also have a full line of Tropiclean products, including home and yard products.  

Come to the shop and we'll help you find the best treatment for your pets!