Ultimate Holiday Pet Guide

Holiday Gift Guide at Premium Pets


Soggy Doggy Shammy

This microfiber shammy is quick-drying and odor-free. Great for taking with you to the dog park or after a bath at Premium Pets! Any where a wet dog goes, the soggy doggy shammy should go too! It's ultra absorbent, soft and gentle on your pet's wet or dirty coat. If you like the soggy doggy shammy, you'll love gifting or getting a soggy doggy doormat (various sizes and colors in the shop). 

Convenient hand pockets for easy underbelly drying

Convenient hand pockets for easy underbelly drying

  • Microfiber shammy is 5x more absorbent than a regular cotton towel
  • Quick-drying and odor-free
  • Convenient hand pockets
  • Machine washable and dry low
  • Absorbs water and dirt
  • Cleans paws from the snow and rain
  • Size approximately 32x14"

Perfect pairing with a Gift Certificate for a DIY Wash!

$15, per pet (you bring the pet, we provide the rest)

Cat Litter Mat

Untitled design-3.png

Cat litter has a tendency to go places beyond the litter box. These microfiber mats are guaranteed safe for your cat, easy to clean and traps litter from scattering all over your house. Mats measure 35x26 inches and will keep your floors dry and clean! This unique gift solves the problem of messy kitty's once and for all. 

  • Microfibers solves the problem of messy litter scatter
  • Traps litter and fits nicely under standard litter boxes
  • Machine washable, hang dry
  • Non-slip backing keeps mat in place
  • Soft and gentle on paws


Lupine 3-4 inch patterns2.jpg
  • We have lots of collars and sizes in the shop to meet your pet's needs
  • Standard collars
  • Martingale collars
  • Toy breed and cat collars
  • Sports Collars
    • St. Louis Blue's
    • Kansas City Chiefs
    • Mizzou
    • St. Louis Cardinals
    • Kansas City Royals
  • Harnesses/No-pull styles
  • Training leads and leashes

Seat Protector

Untitled design-4.png
  • Hammock style
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Non-slip backing
  • Collects pet hair so your car stays clean
  • Attaches to headrests

Dog seat covers protect vehicle interiors from pet hair, odors and stains. With this durable, stylish dog hammock, you can keep your car looking its best and avoid messes commonly caused by your pet traveling in the back seat. No-fuss hammock-style seat protector provides ultimate protection for your vehicle seats and creates a protective barrier that effectively traps dog hair and dirt. Soft and absorbent microfiber features a waterproof backing for added protection from everyday messes. Easy care and machine washable - perfect for busy pet parents living an active lifestyle. Available color in Mole Brown.


I’m a dog-walking system that allows you to walk your dog(s) with ease and comfort, while freeing your hands from carrying too much stuff.

I'm here to improve and simplify your walking experience, making dog-walking a joy! My all-in-one ergonomic design holds any dog leash and allows you to walk your dog with control and simplicity. You can customize me by adding any of my many connectables. Check out this video for more details! 

  • Walk dog with ease and comfort
  • Customize your walking experience with several attachments
  • Comes with poop bag connectable
  • Supreme comfort and standard grip

If you can't brush you pet's teeth, try this teeth cleaning dental product! 

If you can't brush you pet's teeth, try this teeth cleaning dental product! 

Plaque Off

Stay on top of your pet's dental hygiene with this product in between cleanings! Safe for cats too! Simply add to your pets food every day for optimal results and fresh breath! No more pulling away from your pet's sweet little kisses. 

  • All natural, safe powder made from seaweed
  • Breaks down bacteria from forming on your pet's teeth and gums
  • Keeps their breath fresh and reduces plaque and tartar
  • Recommended by vets for good oral care

Custom Pet Paintings 

Come to Premium Pets to see more canvas paintings by Hollis

Come to Premium Pets to see more canvas paintings by Hollis

Get connected with Hollis Taylor, local artist in Olean, MO. 

Hollis Taylor is an award-winning artist who has been working as a commissioned artist for several years. She and partner, Jerry live on a small farm in the country where they raise bees and chickens. She is a member of several art organizations and enjoys attending workshops during the summer. When she is not teaching, they like to travel with their German Shorthaired Pointer, Keefer, and photograph pets.

She has an art degree from Texas A&M University where her painting instructors would often tell her to “Go to your studio and paint!” Good advice she still follows

 Molly Mutt

You're pets favorite scent is you! Give her the gift of a Molly Mutt this Christmas. Just add old pillows, t-shirts, towels, or anything else laying around the house in a stuff sack and purchase a 100% cotton Molly Mutt duvet cover to create the perfect dog bed. These are very durable, machine washable, stylish and easy to maintain. 

I’ve been loyal to Mollymutt for 4 years and swear by their brand when it comes to dog beds. Their products last forever despite frequent washing and our dogs love them.

Brittany Schlup