Cat Food

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Life is better with cats!

We know this to be so true! Just come in the store and see our shop kitty, Prim! Our selection of dry and wet cat food is not lacking. Premium Pets has a great variety for your picky, or maybe not-so picky eater. 

Our cat food is packed with high protein, low in fat and is very palatable. Some cat food formulas are more protein focused, while others have a variety of meat based ingredients and novel proteins

The canned cat food comes in 3oz, 3.2oz, 5.5oz, and 10.05 oz. sizes, while the pouches come in 3oz. 

In addition, our dry cat food options offer a frequent buyer program so you are saving money! We have samples of our dry cat food in the store so please take advantage of these. 

Dry Cat Food Options

  • Taste of the Wild

  • Prey by Taste of the Wild

  • Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat

  • Diamond Naturals Kitten

  • Fromm

  • Fromm Gold Kitten

  • Fussie Cat

  • Nutrisource

  • Acana

  • Orijen

*Kittens and cats have different nutritional needs. The main differences are the digestibility and nutrient concentration. Kittens need a food that is more nutrient dense than a typical cat food in order to meet their accelerated growth needs.

Wet Cat Food Options

  • Tiki Cat

  • Taste of the Wild

  • Fromm

  • b.f.f.

  • Cats in the Kitchen

  • Weruva

Both in cans and pouches!

Ingredients to Avoid in Cat Food

When selecting you cat food, keep these ingredients out:

  • Byproducts, meat and/or bone meal and animal digest

  • Added sugars

  • Potentially dangerous chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin and propyl gallate.

  • Corn meal

  • Wheat or soy

  • Excessive carbohydrate fillers (dry cat food may contain as much as 50 percent grain)

Nutrition is key to your cat’s diet and can help eliminate disease and other deficiencies. Remember, you’re the one filling her food bowl.
— Brittany Schlup, Owner