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Dog Food

Need help selecting the perfect dog food? At Premium Pets, we can help! It's our job to cater to what dogs want and provide you with the highest quality dog food available. We have a variety of dog food solutions to help meet your dog's specific dietary needs. 

Is your dog a picky eater? Does he have a sensitive stomach? Is he allergy-prone, or allergic to grains or have other common food intolerances? Does he need a high-protein diet or one with limited-ingredients? If so, Premium Pets wants to dish it out and see how we can address these issues by offering samples of our dog food formulas. 

“No need buying several different bags of dog food just to have it go to waste!”


We will give you free dog food samples to try at home that way your dog can comfortably try his new dog food during his regular feeding time. A selection of our premium dog food lines offers a satisfaction guarantee on their dog food and will allow you to return the food if he simply won't eat it. 

Also, ask about our frequent buyer programs so you're saving money! 

Puppy Food:

Do you have a large breed puppy or small/medium breed puppy? There is a difference in the puppy formula so be sure you're getting the right puppy food and feeding your puppy the right amount. 

A large breed puppy is considered to weight over 50 pounds at their adult life stage. 

Did you know that large/giant breed puppies have different nutritional needs than small/medium breed puppies? 

They actually grow much faster and remain puppies longer. While a small breed puppy food can be fed for the first 9-12 months, a large breed puppy is recommended to stay on his puppy food up to 24 months. Rapid growth in large breed puppies means their bones are growing faster and they need the right amount of nutrients to avoid joint and bone disorders.  

We offer breed specific puppy food to ensure your puppy is getting a complete and balanced puppy food option.

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