Make no bones about your pet's diet.

Pet food in Jefferson City, MO

We recognize that proper pet health encompasses many factors which is why we want to spend time getting to know your beloved pet.

A healthy pet needs lots of dietary options, just like a healthy human. Make sure your pet has the highest-quality dog or cat foods available so he can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our products include nutrient-rich kibble, raw-frozen, freeze-dried, dehydrated, natural canned, grain-free and limited-ingredient options, dietary supplements and an assortment of gourmet treats so you know exactly what's in your pet's dog or cat food.

Your pet will thank you for switching.

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We provide a balance of quality, selection, value and service that you won’t find anywhere else in Jefferson City. 

What you will NOT find in our store are pet foods that have non-animal proteins such as wheat, soy, rice gluten, corn, unidentified meat by-products, fillers, dyes, or chemical preservatives.

When you switch away from highly processed dog or cat foods to premium whole foods, your pet will have higher energy levels, more mobility when older, and a shinier coat.

In addition to dry natural food, we offer raw frozen options. Interested in raw dog or cat foods? Read our raw foods FAQs.

Bon appétit!