The Premium Pets Promise

We promise to provide pet products of the highest quality.

I’m passionate about animal health and pet nutrition and promise to provide you with knowledgeable support on your pet's health journey.

Nutrition and Treats

Premium pet food lines:

We like to stock our shelves with products that make care for a pet easier. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know and we can special order almost anything!


To keep prices low, we have a loyalty program on these * bagged food options so frequent buyers can save money. Ask me about the frequent buyer programs in the store.

See dog specific information here and cat specific information here!

New Diamond Naturals Biscuit Bar!

New Diamond Naturals Biscuit Bar!

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Count on us to offer pet accessories and chew toys of the highest quality with a nod to personal style. Premium Pets sells products only made in the USA with exceptional attention to detail and a price that’s right. We like the quality of these products and think you will too.

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Toy lines:

  • Beco Pets

  • Smart Pet Love

  • West Paw Designs*

  • Fluff & Tuff

  • Benebone

  • Outwardhound

  • Jolly Tuff*

  • Charming Pets

  • Chuck It!

  • JW Hol-ee Mol-ee

  • Mammoth

  • Zippy Paws

*These toys have a 100% guarantee: if it’s chewed, destroyed or dog doesn’t like it, return it.


  • Molly Mutt

  • Up Country

  • SliK Hound

  • Puppia

  • Kurgo

  • Dublin Dog

  • Tail Trends

  • Becco Pets

  • Soggy Doggy

  • Platinum Pets

  • Lupine

Grooming Supplies:

  • Nootie

  • Coastal

  • TropiClean

  • Skout's Honor

  • Wondercide